Why do I need to update my devices?

It depends if it is only a computer BIOS update. Will it add a new feature? Will it plug a security issue? If not then most likely I recommend updating a BIOS only if it really needs that update. (If you're not familiar with how to update a BIOS please let a trained professional do the update. A bad BIOS update can literally, "brick" or "kill" a computer.)

As for everything else? Updates with the exception of the BIOS are not options but should be treated as mandatory. If you're going to seriously use a computer or device then it is important that you keep your devices updated.

It is important to keep your computers, phones, routers, and any other devices updated. Most of the time these updates are fixing security issues and if you do not update then you will be subject to a compromised device. 

On the flipside, updates most often will add performance improvements and new features. You will never know what these are if you do not update your devices.

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